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Congratulations for finding my site. I’m dedicated to helping you enjoy more pleasure in sex and life in general!  Over the last 14 years I have spent thousands of hours working with people on sex, pleasure and transforming their lives through coaching and healing and would love to do the same with you.

There is so much more pleasure and joy possible in sex than we’ve been led to believe.  This is what I hope to share with you in my bodywork sessions.
You will find spending time with me a liberating experience

My bodywork is a combination of Tantric massage, hands on sex coaching, healing techniques and deep relaxation. I’m a liberated, sex positive woman with a playful nature and I love what I do.

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Through our sessions together you will;

  • Become a much more skilled, intuitive lover
  • Last longer, resolve premature ejaculation
  • Learn experientially, through giving and receiving touch
  • Open up to experience whole body orgasms
  • Relax deeply, explore arousal from a relaxed state
  • Understand what may have been causing problems, to change those patterns
  • Challenge myths; I give you updated information on anatomy and arousal
  • Healing and emotional release
  • Become more comfortable with intimacy

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What Happens In A Bodywork Session?

The first thing is to discover exactly what you want which you can do today by filling in the contact form below.

After that we book an initial session of either a Dakini Healing or Tantric Massage (see details below.) The standard session time is 2 hours as this has proven to be optimal. But I will offer 90 minutes if you have genuine time constraints.   Sessions are held in person, in Brighton between Tuesday and Friday 10am-5pm. Full details given upon booking.

We will usually begin with a short welcome ritual then a discussion of your needs and boundaries. We may do a relaxation or some tantric intimacy practice together to connect; eye gazing, breathing and more. Then we will  proceed with bodywork that most suits you needs.

With the exception of Dakini Healing, I work nude. Massage can be arousing and ejaculation may occur during sessions, though it is not the absolute focus or ‘goal’. Essentially the aim of all sessions is simply to stay completely present, in your body.


The Sessions

I offer three levels of body work sessions

Level 1: Introductory Sessions

Most clients are nervous in the first session, so level one is about getting familiar with each other and understanding your goals. With my guidance, you can choose which session you prefer on the day.

Tantric Massage – £160 per hour, 1.5 hours £240, 2 hours £320

This is a session to celebrate sexuality and enjoy sensuality.

• Soft gentle oil free stroking.
• Light touch & other varied sensations.
• Deeper oil massage.
• Body to body massage.
• Lingam massage towards the end, if desired. We can work on minor ejaculation issues here.
• Massage can be arousing and ejaculation may occur, it is not the focus.


Dakini Healing – £160 per hour, 1.5 hours £240, 2 hours £320

Dakini Healing is ideal if you are unsure whether you are ready for sexual touch. The focus is on gentle bodywork, healing and relaxation. All emotions are welcome in these sessions, full expression greatly assists healing.
The session may or may not deal directly with sexual issues. Often there is a need to resolve other wounds before being able to experience your full sexual potential.

• Cranio-Sacral therapy techniques
• Releasing any stuck emotions from your body
• Understanding more about yourself and what holds you back
• Energetic Orgasm Bodywork (see video below)
• Deep relaxation

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Level 2: Intermediate Sessions

Once you have completed one of the introductory session you are then invited to choose one of the sessions below.

Five Senses Ritual (includes Tantric massage) – 2 hours £360

I focus on each your senses to deepen your experience of pleasure and completely pamper you. Do let me know if there is anything you don’t want in the food list (food allergies etc). Please ask for this when booking, I won’t be able to do this on the day unless pre-booked.
After you have been welcomed, whilst laying down, I will gently blindfold you then take you on a journey;

• Sounds; Positive affirmations guiding you to relaxation, my breath close to your ear.
• Aromas; Essential oils, my body scent.
• Feeding; A variety of fruits, nuts, chocolate in very small pieces to tempt & tantalise you. Fed with my fingers, lips and maybe even other body parts : )
• Visual; Perhaps some eye gazing, A mini private dance.
• Touch; Begins during your private dance, flowing naturally into the soft and varied types of touch that open a Tantric massage.
• Concludes with a full Tantric massage.

Bathing Ritual (includes Tantric massage) – 2 hours £ 360

Please ask for this when booking, I won’t be able to do this on the day unless pre-booked.

• Relaxing bathing ritual for the first half of the session.
• Guided visualisation; I narrate a delicious fantasy for you, gradually allowing the eroticism to build.
• Exotic scents and sensuous touch to enhance the visualisation.
• Tailored affirmations to increase self confidence.
• I may even get in the bath with you.
• Concludes with a Tantric massage.

Note: Please ask for Prostate Massage, no extra charge in appropriate sessions

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Level 3: Mastery Intensive:

Once you have completed an advanced session you will be invited to take
my exclusive 6 hours Mastery Intensive;

These special sessions are the pinnacle of my work with you. I will take you on a journey to sexual excellence completely tailored to you. They are fun, powerful, unique and confidence building. This will be the best 6 hours you have ever had.

1.    Learn to Pleasure Her: I teach you many varied techniques in pleasuring women, you will be practising on my body: Tantric massage, whole body pleasure, multiple orgasms, G-spot stimulation, types of different orgasms, female ejaculation & much more..

2.    Lasting Longer: Learn ejaculatory choice i.e. last longer, ejaculate when you choose to. Also whole body orgasms, even orgasm without ejaculating. Men can achieve multiple orgasms too!

3.    Issues getting erections or ejaculating? Tantric massage sessions and home pleasure practices will be given, you will experience vastly increased whole body pleasure. I teach you easy techniques to improve your responses.

4.    Healing and Emotional Release: Intimacy coaching. Do you feel awkward in intimate situations, are women difficult to figure out, are relationships a struggle? learn how to be more happy, fulfilled and relaxed with my nurturing guidance.

5.    Experience and give whole body orgasms: I guide you through a process where you can feel your own orgasmic energy. All kinds of experiences can occur bliss, joy, sadness, insights. Access your true blissful nature and move as waves of orgasmic energy pass through you! I will show you how on your body and you will practice on mine.

6.    All day pamper ritual: Ever been pleasured for a whole day? A bespoke day including a Bathing ritual, a 5 senses ritual and lots of Tantric massage. Experience how it is to be in highly aroused state for a prolonged period. There is time to enjoy reciprocal touch. Interspersed with deep relaxation.

A fruit lunch is provided with each day. You can also go out to eat.


How To Apply

Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you.


This is what prior clients just like you have said..

I never thought I could last that long!” P age 49
This is amazing, can’t believe I can go so long without ejaculating, why didn’t I discover this sooner!! A age 27
Thank you Sophie for revolutionising my sex life with my wife. We are so much happier than we were M age 62
I didn’t realise all the other areas in life that would be positively affected by just working on my ‘problem D age 48
I just have so much more time to pleasure my girlfriend and its changed how I feel about sex, I used to dread it and feel shame, now I’m so into it. G age 35
Sophie has changed my life, I just had no clue what I was doing before this, I was making every mistake possible. It’s been pretty easy to turn this issue around once I knew how. D age 45
It did take practice but Sophie was great with all my fears and doubts, every question I had was really listened to and understood. The coaching was way better than I thought it would be. M age 48
I’ve always wanted to last longer, my only regret was that I waited so long to start sorting this Premature ejaculation problem out. So much frustration and confusion but now I can choose when I ejaculate, its perfect J age 51
Premature ejaculation was a big problem in my marriage. It was affecting everything actually. I had no idea I was doing so many things that made it worse. Things have improved drastically :) A age 31

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In confidence

Examples Of Clients

  • Male, long term relationship, sex has become dull and/or his partner is not interested.
  • Male, premature ejaculator, wanting to last longer.
  • Male, erectile problems.
  • Male, unable to orgasm.
  • Male, little sexual experience, wanting to feel more confident.
  • Male, relationship deteriorating, feels inadequate as a lover.
  • Male, dealing with childhood sexual abuse.
  • Male, older virgin.
  • Male, wanting to develop his Tantric sexual techniques, particularly to become multi-orgasmic.
  • Male, dealing with low sexual and/or physical self-confidence.
  • Male, wondering whether to stay in relationship or not.
  • Male, concerned as to whether he’s a sex addict.
  • Male, wanting to manage his excessive viewing of porn/excessive masturbation/excessive use of sex workers.
  • Male, wanting to be as good a lover as possible.
  • Couple, wanting to learn Tantric Massage.
  • Couple, wanting to explore or manage an open/poly relationship.
  • Couple, little sexual experience, wanting information and education.
  • Couple, newly together, sex not going well.
  • Couple, wanting to maintain sexual activity now that have become or are becoming parents.
  • Couple, wanting to have good sex while trying to conceive.
  • Couple, wanting to enjoy good sex in older age.
  • Couples, wanting advice on how to talk to children about sex.
  • Female, bored sexually in relationship, wanting to explore options.
  • Female, wanting to become more orgasmic.
  • Female, wanting to learn Tantra and have energy orgasms.

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In confidence