What If You Could Practice Sexual Skills With A Woman While She Gave You Feedback And Encouragement?


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What if you could ask a woman any question you wanted and get a real, honest answer?

What if she was able to show you how to pleasure a woman while you practiced with her?

What if you could become a better lover and a better man?

The way you literally pulled my finger into you, the sexual energy cursing through your body in waves, your ability to orgasm in so many different ways. Phenomenal.

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Too Good To Be True?

We live in a sex negative culture. Women have been taught to be ‘good girls’ and openly enjoying sex isn’t part of that picture. Many women don’t want to tell Men what they enjoy, some don’t actually know. Men’s sexuality is often shamed or perceived as dirty.  Pleasure is a part of our lives that is largely ignored until a problem arises. So little attention is given to how we pleasure each other and how much we enjoy ourselves.

Low Level Sexual Skill Is An EPIDEMIC

The RESULTS of this sex negative culture are  a low level of sexual skill, in many men and women. Shame and ignorance are enemies of full, expansive pleasure! Embarrassment is a huge block to having amazing sex. What happened to your sexual joy and playfulness?
What if you could turn all of this around in one day?
But before I get into that….

Does This Sound Familiar?

There is nothing worse than anticipating a sexual encounter for ages then when it does happen, its rushed, fumbling, clumsy or ends in rejection, premature ejaculation or you’re so anxious that you don’t fully enjoy it.
There are so many expectations on Men: making the first move, initiating sex, guessing what she wants without her telling you! being erect and ejaculating at the right time. It’s no wonder many men feel incredibly anxious about ‘performing’.

So I booked a 6 hour session and attended in June 2015. Well all I can say is what Sophie taught me in that one session have been life changing to me and my partner.

Don’t Be Like Many Men…

Many men avoid sexual encounters for these reasons or rush to the end through sheer anxiety, neither of these approaches will take anyone into the deeper levels of arousal that are possible for you and her. Some men have had hurtful comments that have stayed with them, impacting their self confidence and they are stuck in a negative spiral.
Many men have no idea about how deep a woman’s arousal can go, nor about how many different types of orgasm men and woman can achieve.
Many men have low self confidence and this makes them unattractive to the kind of woman they really want to date. It is however, possible to change it and I can show you how.

You might be one of the “many men.” But you don’t have to stay one.

If Only You Could Find A Woman To Practice With

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I’m Dakini Sophie and I’m a sex positive woman who’s mission is to increase the pleasure you experience in sex. Yes you read that right!
My passion is working with men to transform their sexual experience and that of their lovers into the most incredible experience a human can have.

I’ve been transforming the lives of men for over 6 years now. What makes me happy is hearing my clients describe how much pleasure they are having after working with me. I want you to have that experience too.

Not only will we practice different techniques with me. I will enhance your skills dramatically. But even better, I will facilitate a change you that will explode your sexual presence and confidence to the point that you turn her on just by who you are. This combination of skills, practice, confidence and presence is what will make you a truly unforgettable lover.

Would You Like Honest Sexual Feedback?

I offer you something that no other person can offer you or is even willing too. Sexual feedback. This is not a “talk” session. This is a complete holistic deep dive into sexual wisdom. You will be hand held through all your fears, encouraged to explore, discover your masculinity, reconnect to your long lost confidence and come back a new man. All the while given life changing and supportive feedback and guidance on what you do well and what you can do better.

Nothing can compare to this method of learning sex. Nothing. No Ebooks, Audio Programs, Video Courses, DVDs, Demonstrations and especially not years of misguided, fumbled mishaps. In one moment of this magic one day master class, I can ignite your primal knowledge and obliterate all the fool-hardy notions that you may have picked up along the way. And through feedback you will know exactly what to do in sex every time.

..You told me to take as long as I wanted simply looking at you, then later touching you, exploring your body without needing to pleasure or having to achieve anything at all, simply exploring it with childlike wonder. I’ve never ever had that opportunity, it was sublime..

Dakini Sophie’s Sexual Immersion Experience

How To Master Sex And Be The Best Lover You Can Be

What does mastering sex bring in to your life? Happy Relationships, Healthy & Abundant Sex Life,  A True Sense Of Masculinity And Self-Confidence,  More lovers or deeper connection with that special one. If this is what you thought then you were right. This is how you get there in just one day!

Just One Day!

SO what is the Sexual Immersion Experience? 

Imagine spending a full 6 pleasure-filled hours with a sexually liberated, fully open, wise, sensitive, naked Tantric Goddess who is willing to show you what to do, to guide you with expert feedback to join the ranks of the sexually elite.

Imagine allowing your curiosity to be unfrozen and your masculinity to be unsheathed so you can be playful and lead a women on a journey to her sexual core at the same time.

Imagine feeling so comfortable in future sexual encounters that you truly enjoy yourself and your partner is able to fully relax into her own pleasure.

Imagine being the man in bed you’ve always wanted to be. This is the immersion experience.

This day is a combination of Tantric massage, hands on sex coaching, honest SEXUAL feedback, guidance and PLEASURE!! I’m a liberated, sex-positive woman with a playful nature and I can’t wait to share myself with you.

There is no need to struggle with the “many men” problems above, simply because no woman ever showed you how to pleasure skilfully. You’ve done well with what what little guidance you’ve had, but now it’s time to excel! I have the solutions and I’d be honoured to share them with you.

Sex Is A Skill

I will show you how to arouse a woman skilfully while you practice on me! Sex is a skill like anything else. It can be learned. But many men don’t have the courage. Like the women who won’t speak up, many men don’t want to admit they don’t know. But I give you permission to ask, to have a beginners mind and use this secret advantage to blow the minds of every woman you encounter.  Like I said, sex is a skill. You can learn it. It’s a lot of fun to learn and I’m here to teach you. The question is: Are you ready to grow?

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You Will Learn A Wide Range Of Techniques

The number one reason I’ve been able to get such explosive results is because of the wide range of techniques and experience that I have spent years cultivating. There is so much more pleasure and joy possible in sex than we’ve been led to believe. In my Sexual Immersion Experience you directly experience this and take those skills away with you. A day with me is like being given The Blueprint For pleasure. Imagine what you would do with that?

You Don’t Have To Believe Me

You really don’t need to believe me. You can read these comments from the men whose lives have been changed already.

You are warm, funny and so so wise. I had no idea how much my technique would improve under your guidance. 6 hours of pure sensual experiencing. I learnt so much.

Well I spent the best night ever on Monday with my partner and she can’t understand how I have transformed in such a short space of time.

..what I wanted was to be in control and ‘choose’ when I ejaculated which would give the women the best opportunity to have an orgasm before me. So I booked a 6 hour session. What Sophie taught me in that one session have been life changing to me and my partner. I learnt techniques that are not even difficult but the result was; the first time ever I was in full control and I actually managed to make my partner orgasm which then allowed me to let go and orgasm at the same time. The experience of that is awesome and anyone whose never managed it will never understand how wonderful it feels for a couple to orgasm at the same time. I would recommend anyone suffering p.e to make the life changing decision to contact Sophie.

I was so nervous before I emailed you. I felt immediately at ease when we spoke on Skype even though I’d never done Skype before. The 6 hours was everything I hoped for and so much more that I didn’t know existed in pleasuring women. You are an exceptional woman to do what you do, very generous to share yourself in that way. I felt like I was initiated into the sensual arts by a beautiful Goddess.

In 6 hours you answered any questions I had about sex and how to make women orgasm. I’ve come away with so many new skills to practice but not only that, I have confidence because I KNOW I am a good lover now. Thank you Sophie

The one thing I didn’t expect was the laughter! You are an exceptional person. Sometimes educating me with your words, sometimes guiding my hand, other times deep in pleasure, you seemed to move between both so easily. It was so much fun to share this intimate time with you.

Why oh why didn’t I do this sooner? What a lot of wasted time. This should be available to Men when they hit puberty. Nobody is willing to teach men about pleasure but women still expect you to know this.

I thought I’d done all the right things; met a woman I loved, got married, had kids. How did I miss all this? Our relationship struggled on the physical side, we just expected to figure it out ourselves, but unfortunately that never happened. You gave me permission to pursue something I wanted for myself, to become a confident lover. I ended up leaving that marriage for various reasons, but now as I find myself newly single and dating (how silly for a 54 year old man) I know I have the skills and outlook I need. Thanks for showing me that everything society says about sex and relationship isn’t necessarily healthy or true.

At one point I thought I’d never have sex again after my wife died. You gave me permission and encouragement to explore another possibility. Since my session with you a year ago, I’ve had 2 wonderful connections with women who I previously would never have had the courage to approach.

It’s been a while since we had that amazing time together back in the summer. What you made me feel was an incredible sense of self confidence with my sexuality and that has allowed me to build my knowledge to a level where I’m able to ensure my partner has everything they want from a good lover. Our love making is incredible! She’s amazed at how the slow style arouses her so much and I’m now able to make her orgasm more than once before I feel the urge to finish. It’s truly sensational and we are madly in love with each other because it’s made us so much closer to each other. Your work is truly amazing and makes the world a better place.
After our session last month I’ve noticed so many positive improvements in our lovemaking, what you taught me has had such a profound effect. I’m more confident with my touch and able to control myself. Before I was always focused on speeding things up, unaware of the effects of the touch you showed me. I’ve never seen her that aroused, physically, never seen her that wet before. The intensity of her orgasms have increased, she been the loudest ever and even commenting afterwards on how amazing it was, which she never did before! What has changed for me is that urgency to get inside her and come, I’m in control of how I conduct myself. It’s no longer just fucking, it’s a different thing altogether.

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What The Immersion Day Can Do For You

Through our sessions together you will;

  • Low self esteem, low confidence gone!
  • You know you are a skilled lover so you act like one, this knowledge spills over into other areas of your life, you no longer doubt yourself all the time.
  • Unleash your full potential as a masterful lover.
  • Become more relaxed in sex
  • Feel more sensation in rest of your body
  • Be way more present, not distracted by anxious mind loops and therefore more connected to your lover.
  • Breathe in a way that makes pleasure more intense
  • Release pressure through sound to avoid early ejaculation.
  • Awaken sexual energy movement in your body
  • Access whole body orgasms.
  • Know exactly where you are in relation to orgasm.
  • Empowered choice WHEN to ejaculate versus falling helplessly over the edge.
  • Understand and experience ALL the stages of arousal.
  • Confidence in your body and your unique sexual personality.
  • Overcome fear and anxiety
  • More pleasure from less touch
  • Fully connect with your body
  • Deeper understanding of yourself, insights.
  • Show a woman with your body language and confidence that there’s no rush, that you are enjoying pleasuring her.
  • Enjoy your pleasure in sex, instead of constantly worrying if you are doing it right. Both in giving AND receiving
  • Updated myth busting information on sex.
  • Fine tuning your current sex skills.
    You may have been doing various things which just need some tweaking to be incredible. Most people all that aren’t that far off and when properly guided are able to become confident lovers easily.
  • Do you need to touch harder, lighter or for longer? is this too fast? learn when slow, light, varied, rhythmic and hard touch are appropriate.
    KNOW when she’s fully ready for penetration.
  • Make orgasm after orgasm happen for her before you even touch her with your penis.
  • Release shame around masturbation, feel good about your pleasure
  • Finally, honest answers! no need to keep guessing!
  • Give women orgasms in places other than her clitoris; her nipples, her tummy, the back of her knees and so many other places.
  • Learn about and practice female ejaculation on a real woman who already ejaculates
  • What habits, if any, are harming your capacity for pleasure? Free yourself from anything that is holding you back
  • Sustainable pleasure = More time spent in pleasure!
    Long languorous lovemaking sessions with a partner or alone.
  • Enjoy higher states of arousal without skipping past them
  • Access those deeper levels of arousal than before, with a sense of ease.
    Avoid rushing towards the orgasm and therefore missing so much of the expansive pleasure on the journey
  • Experience energy circulating through the body; Expansive whole body orgasms rather than friction based, genital only sensations.
  • Understand women’s arousal rate, different types of orgasm and ways to help them become multiple orgasmic before you even start intercourse.
  • Less pressure on you for penetration.
  • Once she’s already had a few orgasms, she won’t be heavily relying on you thrusting to make her cum.
  • Trust women; Build trust by being with a safe, warm, encouraging and sex positive woman. Make ‘mistakes’ and feel lovingly supported to correct them in a creative way. ‘Do it wrong’ and be shown a more effective way to create pleasure.
  • Intimacy and respect for each other
    interacting with a real woman! Sophie gives genuine feedback, honest and supportive.
    Giving and receiving pleasure is a vulnerable thing to do, when it is done safely and with respect, this is where true intimacy is created.
  • Spend 6 hours giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Most men have never had so much time, focus and assistance around sex and pleasure. Imagine how many blocks and issues you can resolve in that time
  • When was the last time sex felt playful to you? Adults have a need for play as well as children, our play is different of course, but the need is still there. Allow Sophie to guide you into an experience of playfulness and adventure.
  • Any negative experiences that have been stored in your body can be released through emotional release bodywork if they are preventing you reaching your sexual potential.
  • Release anything preventing you from reaching your sexual potential!
  • Become the lover she’s wanting you to be. Initiate, lead or let her lead, feel confident in all aspects.

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How Much Is A Great Sex Life Worth?

The value of this day is £2600 but because I’m only here in the UK for a short time and I want to help as many people as possible, I want it to be affordable for you, I’m only going to charge £1200
Before you book, we will first need to do a free Skype/ phone call to ascertain if we are a good fit. This is completely free of charge whether you book or not.

I stopped offering my shorter sessions, because the men like you that are most committed to personal excellence, always signed up for the Sexual Immersion Experience anyway and I noticed that that was where the real, deep change occurs. This way I save you an extra £320-£640 on those introductory level sessions that I used to insist you took first. I’m confident that if you really want this, you can get it now. In one day.

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Act Now Or Miss Out Forever

LESS THAN TWO MONTHS availability! I leave the country in December 2015 for six months. (I may or may not not offer bodywork when I return next Summer). This is the last chance you will have to work with me before I leave. Total transformation requires total immersion. Taking your skills from 0 to 100 and having fun doing it is a reality and its just a few clicks away!

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Hey! Let’s Skype.

Lets get to know each other now and explore how best I can explode your sex life into something amazing.

PS: Absolutely open to all skill levels (as this program is tailored to you personally) and is guaranteed to change your life forever, no matter how young, old or inexperienced you are.

PPS: Dont keep making the same mistakes in sex, I’m eager to launch you on the “fast track” to your new (and deserved) lifestyle of sexual pleasure and abundance. You know that you need to master this for you to feel content. If not, it will be a constant distraction in the back of your mind.

How To Apply

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The minute that just passed will never come back. The year that passes will be gone forever. The question is: How will you choose to spend it?

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